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Seven keystones. Seven bearers born to save a dying world.

The world is rebelling against the magic that has held it together for eons, causing earthquakes, volcanoes, and whirlwinds that carry off entire villages. The only way to heal Rasann is if Ember, the first white mage born in three thousand years, can collect the seven keystones rooting magic to their world and bring them together in a battle against evil.

Three of the keystones have already come together. Recently discovered cousins Ember and Kayla must go their own ways in search of the remaining keystones, but their journeys will not be easy.

Ember is struggling to control her magic with no other white magi alive to teach her. Kayla must become an ally to the woman she trusts least in this world. With few soldiers to assist, the girls must reach out to strangers and only hope they will help them find the Amethyst Eye and the Ruby Heart—one lost for centuries, and the other guarded by the vilest of beings intent on destroying Rasann—the evil Guardian S’Kotos.

The Amethyst Eye Hardback

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